Where In Oz Is That

Australia My Land Locality Game

Learn More About Places in Australia and Have Fun!

To start click on the map below; you will get to a map of Australia. Here is how to play the game.

How to Play Where In Oz?

•   Each proceeding map presents 5 place names; 3 are placed correctly, 1 is mis-placed and one is simply made up.

•   Each set of names starts with the last letter of the previously selected place name

•   The place names are of cities and towns, regions and tourist locations (eg Adelaide, Mildura, Sunraysia, Uluru)

•   If you select a wrong option you have to start all over again!

•   Start by clicking on any letter in the name 'AUSTRALIA' on the next page.

•   Select one of the town names and if you choose correctly you will be taken to the next page of selections.

•   Keep going till you make a mistake and you will be then asked to start again.


•   Each correct selection will not only give you access to a new map but it will earn you points

•   As you answer a certain number of correct place names your task will get more difficult as you then move to a higher level in the game

Where In Oz Is That Australia My Land Locality Game

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