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The Capital of the Great Southern Western Australia

The Oldest Colonial Settlement in Western Australia

The City of Albany is the heart of the Great Southern Region with its history and centuries old industries. With its beginning in 1826 it is the oldest colonial settlement in Western Australia with Perth and Fremantle not being settled for over two years later.

It is the traditional home of the Noongar peoples of the Menang who were friendly and very helpful to their new neighbours. Nevertheless it soon became a hive of activity the locals would not have foreseen with large whaling and logging industries booming. It is one of the four oldest working ports in the country and has a busy and varied history therein.

Elephant Rocks Denmark

Cheynes Bay

Lake Seppings and Albany Golf Course

Silos Albany Port

Middleton Beach Albany

Natural Bridge Albany

Though the Whaling Industry is long gone the timber industry has changed over the decades the log trucks are still seen on the Albany Highway as they haul woodchip timbers to be loaded onto ships in the almost 200 year old Port of Albany.

Tourism now plays a large part in local commerce with an ever-increasing number of people finding the Great Southern natural beauty and moderate climate a great place to live or to holiday in.

The places to visit in this vacinity are too numerous to mention but Cheynes Bay, Two Peoples Bay, Nanarup, and closer to Albany, the Torndirrup National Park where Natural Bridge, The Gap and Salmon Holes are just three of the many more natural wonders to see on this pennisula just a few kilometres from the city centre.

The wild and rugged south coast cliffs are intersperced with translucent and peaceful sandy bays and camping parks scattered along the coast. The peaceful calm waters of Princess Royal Harbour, Middleton Beach and Oyster Bay are great for family outings and the places to eat in Albany are both plentiful and scrumptous with fresh seafood obviously top of the menu!

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