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Australian Markets

"Flea markets, garage sales and school fetes on just about any day of the week"

Australians Celebrating Anything and Everything

Australian Markets

Australians love to shop and to celebrate and with our diversity of cultures you will find our markets, fetes and festivals are among the best in the world. Like most people we love to have fun and we will have a festival for sport, for our culture, music and arts, to fly kites and all sorts of excuses that we can come up with.

Australia Open air marketsOpen Air Markets

The vendors sell their wares from tents and gazebos.

There is most often music in the form of bush bands or a DJ and there is always food a-plenty. People from all over the globe come to visit and buy just about everything; a cold glass of ginger beer, hand crafted clothing, and quilts, novelty items, hand made glass vases, clocks, shoes, home made jams and honey or they just come for the fun and to stock up on the vegies.

For example the Eumundi Markets are set in the quaint village of Eumundi in Queensland and operate from the center of town in the picturesque Main Street, flowing out into the open spaces.

It operates every Wednesday and Saturday weekly and the gates open early morning, there is plenty of parking. Please take the tour of their website Eumundi Markets - Learn More

Some smaller local markets operate monthly usually on a Saturday morning so keep an eye on what is happening when in local media.


No matter where you are in the country there will be a fete or festival on near you celebrating food, wine, the weather, dance, music, aboriginal couture and many more.

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