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Brush Tailed Possum

"Often unfairly considered a pest!"

Will come very close to be fed making them popular with children


Brush Tailed Possum Often considered a pest it is little known that these wonderfully friendly furry creatures are actually quite helpful as they can be seen scavenging around at night sometimes feeding on the stray mouse and rat and seldom live more than one to a territory.

Therefore once your 'local' possum is suitably housed away from the ceiling in your home they can be quite a helpful pet to have scavenging around at night and will come very close to be fed, making them popular with children.

As they are nocturnal they can make quite a bit of noise running along the roof or when the occasional fight breaks out when the annual mating season approaches.

Although they are generally disease free as far as being a danger to humans they still need to be treated with some caution as they will unintentionally scratch or bite while being fed.

They can often be seen with their young hanging onto their mothers as they bound along a tree branch, fence or the verandah railing.


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