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Duck Billed Platypus

"A Strange Mixture of Nature Indeed"

Scientist and biologists have argued over this wonderful creature for centuries

Australian Duck Billed PlatypusAustralian Duck Billed Platypus

Only In Australia would you find an animal like the duck billed Platypus

The Platypus was first discovered in 1798 and scientist and biologists have argued over the animal for decades, people thought from the descriptions of the animal it was a fraud. The platypus is a bizarre animal, " or is it?" It has the bill of a DUCK! It is a mammal instead of giving birth to live young it LAYS EGGS? Has the tail like a BEAVER it's feet with claws are WEBBED and its swims like a FISH.

Some say God just simply had a sense of humor when creating it!

The animals name Platypus, has an extensive story behind it, "Platypus" is Latin and broken down, "platys", flat or, broad and "pous", flat foot.

The Platypus's fur is brown and it's body is flat and broad, the bill is sort of rubbery black and it is also sensory organ, they don't have a nose but nostrils on the bill or snout, they have flat tails, with an unusual feature, the tail captures a layer of insulating air which helps keep it warm and is capable of storing fat reserves. The legs that are on either side of its body not underneath and it has webbed feet and sharp claws. The web feet allow the animal to swim well and when on land the webbing folds and the animal sort of walks on its knuckles which protects the webbing.

Many do not know that the platypus is a venomous animal Right behind the animals hind foot you will find a spur that is capable of delivering a venom that can cause severe pain to those that are not aware.

Feeding, more interesting stuff, the platypus is a great swimmer but feeds not by sight or smell it actually closes its eyes, its ears and nose each time it dives using those electric sources to detect prey or for digging at the bottom of streams and creeks with its bill. It can dive to reasonable depts. and is capable of staying under water for 30 to 50 seconds. The foods it eats are shrimps, worms, yabbies, insect larvae and crayfish. When it is out of the water they rest in a burrow near the riverbank just about water level.

The breeding season can vary depending on the area but usually starts between June and October, after mating, the female creates a deeper, elaborate burrow that can be up to 20 mt long which she block section s off as a safeguard against possible rising waters and predators. The ground is layered with leaves, reeds for a type of bedding for her eggs. The male does not become involved with caring for the young.

The platypus has often been called by other names, like 'duckbill' or 'duckmole', is very recognizable and is a symbol of Australia. You will find the Platypus is used as mascots and on business logos. You will also find the Platypus on the Australian 20 cent coin.


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