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Life Downunder

"Australia really is a great place to live and to visit"

Is it the weather? Can it be the beaches? Our exclusive animals? Or just the people?

Life in Australia

There are people arriving from countries all over the world on every day of the week to live in Australia for all these reasons and a lot more.

The majority of the 22 million people residing in Australia live in cities along the coast because the centre of the country lacks WATER and is mostly arid and desert, we call parts of it the "OUTBACK!"

All the major cities are positioned right on the coastline excepting for Canberra which is situated inland between New South Wales and Victoria. It should be said that all the states and cities in Australia have something very different to offer and wonderful places to visit.

What do Australian's like to do?

That is such a hard question to answer because, us Aussies are so COMPETITIVE! There is not much we don't like doing?

Comparing Australians to other peoples around the globe, we are similar in many ways as we enjoy spending a lot of time with our families.

Australians are a warm and friendly PEOPLE and easy going, we have a, to use a colocalism "She'll be right mate" (See AUSSIE SLANG) type of attitude. You could say life in Australia is very easy going.

We enjoy, entertaining, picnics, a night out with friends, FISHING, a day at the BEACH and we frequent most sporting events. Most Australians become involved in some type of SPORT at a very young age and that stays with us throughout our lives. In reality, Australian is considered to be one of the most competitive nations on Earth.

Australian enjoy all the seasons, in summer there are the beaches, CRICKET and water sports and in winter there are at least four major FOOTBALL codes and even snow skiing.

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Owning your own home is very important, it is installed into every Australian at a young age to save for your future and buy your own home, so most of us do.

Australian's like to own stuff; our nation are enormous users of the mobile phone and computers, we will buy just about any modern technological gadget.

Our homes are built mainly of brick and mortar because there is plenty of clay and timber is short, it is often said by people flying into places like Sydney; "look at all the red roofs on the houses". That is the terracotta tiles. Take a look next time you fly in.

You can experience the outback life of the cattle and sheep STATIONS by visiting one of the many that you can find right here on the site.


Our shopping centres are built like satellites around the major populated areas and in the country towns the corner store is still the favourite place to shop. Because we are an industrious lot, we have built shops of every kind. Some of the shopping centres are so large and have such a variety of stores you can get lost, then finding the car, well that is another story.

Then there are the fetes, FESTIVALS, car boot sales and open air MARKETS. AUSSIES frequent them on just about every day of the week. See AML section on that will tell you more.


The motor car! Yes, Australians just have to own one, our population is expanding and home ownership is still important. So to own the land and a house we need to move further and further into the country and as such we move further away from work and other facilities transport is very important. So we are also into our cars; take alook at the AML section on MOTOR CAR CLUBS

Going out in Australia

Our mode is usually very casual and laid-back, as is our dress, however we are up with the times and are able to dress for all occasions when needed.


Australians are very proud of our schools, from kindergarten to university. As our population expands into new housing developments we ensure our schools are either there first or well on the way. Education in this country is of the utmost importance. Knowledge is power.

"You can feel very assured that living in Australia is something very, very special"

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