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"There is so much to do! So many places to visit! The variety is unbelievable"

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Australian Holidays

Come and vacation with us in Australia. We have everything on offer; long sandy golden clean BEACHES, SURFING, swimming, windsurfing, parasailing, 4x4 wheel driving through the OUTBACK, sleeping under the gleaming stars in the open air. Meet our unique animals, play in the desert, SNOW SKI the many famous ski runs, visit the islands, you can even try some MOUNTAIN CLIMBING.

Australia has it all!!

Australia is an enormous continent offering opportunities for holiday adventures and exploration. You are limited only by your imagination. Our sunny climate encourages an outdoor LIFESTYLE and people in the know from all over the world spend time in Australia.

Travel our beautiful land by BUS, TRAIN , CAMPERVAN/CARAVAN, four wheel drive, fly, take an helicopter ride over the Bungle Bungles or you can drive yourself around the 36000 kilometre coast line.

Taste the reds and visit our famous WINE country, travel from the pristine wilderness of Tasmania in the south to Cape York in the north, journey from the Pacific to the Indian Oceans ... the vacation or holiday opportunities in Australia are endless.


Kilcowera Station

Kilcowera Station in outback Queensland is the place to go for both adventure and peace and quiet. Take part in the station (ranch) life, venture out to see the wildlife or just relax in the quiet solitude of the Australian Outback.


Kilcowera Station is a large cattle station (or ranch) halfway between Hungerford and Thargomindah on the Dowling Track in South West Queensland, 1000kms west of Brisbane. It is quiet, private and remote, perfect for a week away or as a stop-over on your journey through the Australian outback.

Kilcowera Station Holiday
Kilcowera Station Vacation Queensland      Kilcowera Homestead Holiday

Regardless of your preference, total luxury or an exciting adrenalin rush adventure, Australia has abundant holiday opportunities that will satisfy the most experienced traveller.

Memories are created ... that will last a lifetime. You’ll come back again and again.

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