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Discover Australia My Land Downunder

Discover Australia My Land Downunder

Sydney is world famous for its spectacular harbour; the shell shaped Sydney Opera House and the 'Coat Hanger' as it often affectionately called, The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

However as you travel through our website you will find this gateway to Australia just one of the many manmade wonders surrounded by the even more spectacular natural wonders of this big country downunder!

Over the past few years a professional team of special people have helped design and build the Australia My Land website which is about promoting everything Australian. We also include needed features like HOW TO GET TO HERE and HOW TO GET AROUND!

As you surf through the pages you will find plenty of interesting information on many Australian topics. You will learn about all of our fabulous COUNTRY REGIONS and how special each of them are and what they have to offer those visiting.

You will find out about REAL AUSSIES, Australians! OUR LIFE STYLE , our culture, how we live and enjoy our country you will also lean little about the way we speak and some of the SLANG we use every day.

You will learn about ANIMALS that can only found in Australia and where to find the legendary long white or golden sandy deserted BEACHES that once visited you will never forget.

The NATIONAL PARKS and our mountain ranges and ski resorts, rain forests, tropical islands, OPAL FIELDS, the WINE country, GREAT TRAIN journeys, the outback, deserts and much more.

In fact you will find just about everything you ever wanted to know about Australia.

You will also be pointed to specially selected Australian businesses via links direct to those business websites. General everyday businesses, TOURS, FOUR WHEEL driving, BACK PACKING, holiday resorts ACCOMMODATION and lots of entertainment pages to mention just a few, all designed to help you find what you need to know about Australia.

The website will grow and expand as our team constantly searchers and adds new information with the help from the Australia My Land global network of ASSOCIATES, many of whom assist in the supply of information about topics on Australia and Australian businesses. The mission, with your help, is to build a very exciting website containing Australian information that offers our website visitors quality as well as quantity.

In conjunction with the Australia My Land information website there is a unique Australian Business Directory at AUSTRALIA MY LAND.BIZ.

Everyone is also welcome to become an AML-AM Associate in our uniquely designed Australia My Land Associate Marketplace. It is FREE to register and you receive a FREE Welcome to Australia Travel PAck, a FREE Associates Profile Website to use for your business or social project.


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Our offices are based in Sydney and you are very welcome to SUBMIT ANY INFORMATION any information you feel is relevant or suitable to be placed on this website.

Thank you for visiting Australia My Land; please take the time to surf though the two sites and enjoy. Your comments are welcome and asked for.

Please Visit Us Again!

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