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Discover Australia My Land Downunder

Discover Australia My Land Downunder

Sydney is world famous for its spectacular harbour; the shell shaped Sydney Opera House and the 'Coat Hanger' as it often affectionately called, The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

However as you travel through our website you will find this gateway to Australia just one of the many manmade wonders surrounded by the even more spectacular natural wonders of this big country downunder!

Over the past few years a professional team of special people have helped design and build the Australia My Land website which is about promoting everything Australian. We also include needed features like HOW TO GET TO HERE and HOW TO GET AROUND!

As you surf through the pages you will find plenty of interesting information on many Australian topics. You will learn about all of our fabulous COUNTRY REGIONS and how special each of them are and what they have to offer those visiting.

You will find out about REAL AUSSIES, Australians! OUR LIFE STYLE , our culture, how we live and enjoy our country you will also lean little about the way we speak and some of the SLANG we use every day.

You will learn about ANIMALS that can only found in Australia and where to find the legendary long white or golden sandy deserted BEACHES that once visited you will never forget.

The NATIONAL PARKS and our mountain ranges and ski resorts, rain forests, tropical islands, OPAL FIELDS, the WINE country, GREAT TRAIN journeys, the outback, deserts and much more.

In fact you will find just about everything you ever wanted to know about Australia.

You will also be pointed to specially selected Australian businesses via links direct to those business websites. General everyday businesses, TOURS, FOUR WHEEL driving, BACK PACKING, holiday resorts ACCOMMODATION and lots of entertainment pages to mention just a few, all designed to help you find what you need to know about Australia.


Everyone is also welcome to become an AML-AM Associate in our uniquely designed Australia My Land Associate Marketplace. We are looking for people to help colate information for the site; information about their home town perhaps and the reasons and places why visitors would benefit from coming.

The mission, with your help, is to build a very exciting website containing Australian information that offers our website visitors quality as well as quantity.

It is also and especially a place for Australian Businesses to promote themselves and their websites to provide information to visitors and build 'link juice' by placing promotions on our sites to help their websites SEO.

Our offices are based in Sydney and you are very welcome to SUBMIT ANY INFORMATION any information you feel is relevant or suitable to be placed on this website.

Thank you for visiting Australia My Land; please take the time to surf though the two sites and enjoy. Your comments are welcome and asked for.

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The AML Project Team
Rob Wilson Aboutime Web CommunicationsRobert J Wilson [Aboutime Web Communications]; AML P/L Director and CEO

Robert has been involved in marketing for nearly forty years, running among others, a successful direct sales Manchester and Linen business, training and motivating part and full time sales staff in door to door selling. In the last few years Robert has been involved in building websites and online marketing preparing and developing a new venture - Australia My Land.

Through over a decade of web building and looking after some high profile clients in the hub and competitiveness of the Sydney business community, as well as major international clients, Robert has developed the SEO skills to truly help his clients stay at and near the top of searches for their most important search phrases.

"Content and good quality backlinks or promotions" are the key to Roberts excellent work in helping both the AUSTRALIA MY LAND PROJECT WEBSITES and HIS CLIENTS WEBSITES do well in search optimisation.

I have travelled overseas on a few occasions and came up with the idea of AML in Italy and would now like to travel Australia more to build on what we have really only just started; after 12 years!

Lyle Stacpoole BA - LasTradeLyle Stacpoole [Stacpoole Music and Internet]; Project Development Manager

Lyle has been developing his Information Technology (IT) skills for over 20 years and Web design since 1996. He qualified for his Bachelor of Arts Degree in 2007 at The University of New England with 'majors' in Music and in Communications Studies which involved writing and website communication and development.

Lyle has many years experience in business management, sales and training, computer programs and databases, website development, and even has experience in the recording studio. Lyle's first venture onto the internet was to put up a website featuring his original music and his interest in building websites grew from there. You can hear some of the 'generally unfinished' recordings at

Having already achieved qualifications in the building industry as carpenter, plasterer and painter as well as running his own business, Lyle is qualified to help new businesses to set up their online business promotions. Other qualifications in Management Training and Small Business Management as well as experience in the banking industry means he can help new entrepeneurs put in place a business plan, including website and online marketing plan including Search Engine [SEO] and Social Marketing Optimisation [SMO] strategies.

With over 40 years experience in various marketing and sales projects Lyle knows that Web Development is not just about building great looking websites; it is about advertising and marketing a businesses products and services online with real initiatives, performing solid Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) techniques and client friendly websites.

Lyle now has a Diploma in Marketing to support his years of experience.

Ary Pitoyo JustuklixAry Pitoyo [Justuklix]; Technical Projects Development

Ary Pitoyo (JustuKilx and IML Director and IML Sales and Development Manager) is a lecturer in Business and Website Development at Yojakarta University and other various universities in Yojakarta, Indonesia as well as travelling to Borneo and other industrious business centers training staff in IT and security systems technology.

Justuklix provides a broad spectrum of services including Graphic Designs, Website Designs, Hosting Services, Flash Designs, Software / Database Development, Search Engine Optimization and Website Visitor Statistical Analysis.

Ary has set up a team of young, dedicated and highly skilled professionals; all are programming graduates of University or are currently studying programming and Information Technology at University.

Ary has been closely associated with Australia My Land since 2014 after taking over the reins of Justukliz and provides the more intense coding solutions for simpler and easier shopping cart, photo gallery and other website utilities thus creating more useable and SEO friendly websites for our clients.

Ary has been invaluable in helping keep the Australia My Land websites up to the latest browser and coding standards like GRID and RWD [Responsive Web Design] as well as designing our great MOBILE APP while not laying a heavy burden on the clients IT costs.

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Ballooning in Northam WA [Scott Phillipe]

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