Aussie Sport

"We Aussies are super passionate about our sport"

Australia has a VERY DISTINGUISHED world wide reputation as a sporting nation.

Australian Sport

Australian Aussie Sport

In fact we love our sport!

Our land is crammed full of sportsmen and women playing almost every conceivable international sport and more especially own very own!

Going to sporting events is one of our passions. Babys in prams are taken and children as young as three or four and grandma and grandpa all go wearing their team colors, waving their supporters flags and displaying banners and sometimes signs with descriptive words praising players are held high .

If we cannot be involved or play, then we watch, yell and scream our support.

As far back as 1854 Victoria has had two FOOTBALL clubs, Melbourne and Geelong, making them the oldest registered clubs in the WORLD.

In fact the Victorian Football Association (VFA) was the first official football competition anywhere in the western world!

Australians were competing internationally in the very early 1900's and from that time until the present day we are still producing a great many CHAMPIONS from our relatively small population of just over 20 million people.

Did you know at the Olympic Games in Athens we won 17 gold, 16 silver and 16 bronze medals? The SYDNEY games in 2000 were called THE GREATEST GAMES EVER!

Our Local Club Sports

Local clubs have the same enthusiastic players and supporters.

In the summer months the most popular team game is CRICKET Having said that we are also keen on SURFING, Swimming, Sail boarding, Para - sailing, Yacht sailing, Kayaking and any other water sport you can think of.

Australian's really enjoy the time spent near and on the water, as most of the CITIES are very close to the coast line just about everyone goes to the BEACH.

In winter the team sport is FOOTBALL There are many winter ball games, Rugby, Rugby league, Soccer and Australian Rules. They are all favourites and have a tremendous following. We also snow ski, snow board, climb mountains, BUSHWALK, and much, much more.

Australia has many sporting clubs for men and women.
To say we love our sport is an understatement!
Australian Aussie Sport


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