Aussie Slang: Part Two [Explanations]

"What ARE They Talking About?"


Australian Slang

Aussie slang and terms used can some times be a little crude, but to exclude them would leave out a lot of the fun so consider yourself warned!

When placing the content on these pages every effort has been made to keep the slang all Australian or should I say all Aussie.

Many of you will remember a television commercial Paul Hogan made some years ago for the American market. The terms that were used ithat commercial were similar to:- "Throw another shrimp on the barby."
While he was holding a very large prawn/shrimp.

Translation:- "Place another prawn on the Barbeque".

In Australia that could have been said like this:- "Take a look at the size of these bastard's! love! they're the biggest bloody prawns I've ever seen, I'll stick 'em on the barby and ge' em goin'."

Translation:- "Please take a glance at the size of these prawns (shrimp) my dear they are the biggest prawns I have ever seen, I will place them on the barbeque and start them cooking."

There are a number of Aussie slang sites that offer great content and supply you with many great slang words with explanations of what they mean. Our intention is to place the terms in a sentence so you can better understand the Aussie speak.

A great example is:- "Rather than me continuing to piss in ya pocket here, let's get on with it!"

Translation:- "Rather than keep you waiting lets get started." or "let's get started!"

"Mans not a camel ya'no! grab me a cupa willa mate!

Translation:- "I will need a drink to get started, please make me a cup of tea my friend."

"Just to let you know the bloke I'm work'in with on this thing is built like a brick shit house!"

Translation:- "The man I am working with on the project is very well built; he has lots of muscles and visits the gym regularly."

By now you are starting to get the idea and we are laughing as we put together, when I said a bit crude, some information is best left out.

"Waddayreckon 'ey! we pull the finger out and get started!"

Translation:- "What do you think? Let us get started right now."

"Hey an Aussie" or "Take a gander! There's some Aussie's!"

Translation::- "Look over there, there are some Australians!"

Both male and females Australians are know as Aussies.

"I wish these bloody flies would piss off!"

Translation:- "I wish these flies would go away."

The famous Australian salute:

Translation:- Brushing the flies away from their person or food with their hands.

There are ten pages of slang from here on. They are listed in alfabettikal (alphabetical) order as follows :-

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