Australians LUV Their Pets


Aussies and their Pets

Aussie Pets

"Let's face it! Pets come in all shapes and sizes make many different sounds. They live in the house, the backyard, in mud, water cages and more!"

Many Australian pets are just a part of the family. "Our dog Piper would greet us with a harroow (hello) whenever we arrived home and get super excited, run and jump to kiss us all over. We were only out for five minutes." NOW that's love.

Australian Pets

"Many of us would take our pets everywhere"

Many AUSTRALIANS love their pets that much they have to take them on HOLIDAY too. Well that is, most of the time depending on the style and type of holiday. Then on other occasions we just are unable to take them and the separation can distress everyone.

Of course because the native ANIMALS are so unique and most of them very friendly, they also make great pets so a number of families do have had pet KANGAROO'S, COCKATOOS and even Pythons (Carpet) Snakes.

The Australian Cattle Dog

"The Australian Cattle Dog"

This is one of the smartest dogs in the world They are loyal, intelligent, energetic, and protective and they make just the best companion. You will find them always eager to please, and there is not a job is too big or too small for this activ pooch.

They love attention and will play or work all day, they love games and have heaps of energy. The Aussie cattle dog is known as the 'all-rounder'. Not only is this dog a great friend, he/she is a working dog and can be found working cattle and sheep on HOMESTEADS and properties all over Australia.

They are of medium size, it easy to care for their coat, they are extremely loyal, intelligent, and their love of people in general make them ideal home pets.

They make the best Watchdogs. Our Australian Cattle Dog is very protective of it's owners, while NOT aggressive, they are wary of strangers and you could say devoted to duty. An all round great Aussie dog!

To learn more about the Australian Cattle dog visit - WIKIPEDIA



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