Australian Festivals

In Australia you will find a festival happening on just about any day of the week"

Australians Celebrating Anything and Everything

Australian Festivals

Australians love to put on a show. Remember the 2000 Australian Olympic games? Some called it THE GREATEST OLYMPIC'S EVER!

Australian's know how to celebrate and put on a show we have some of the most spectacular and fun festivals celebrating cultural events, sport, music and arts, camel races, fly kites and Moomba in MELBOURNE, the SYDNEY festival which attracts thousands of people from a round the world.

Tamworth Music Festival

Tamworth Music Festival

For example the world famous Tamworth Country Music Festival which is set in the quaint township of Tamworth New South Wales.

The best and the not so best country singers attend, bush bands play, there is food a-plenty. People from all over Australia and the world come, turning up all dressed for the occasion wearing cowboy dress with boots and belt buckets shining and buy just about everything; a cold glass of ginger beer, hand crafted country style clothing, boots and quilts, novelty items, handmade leather items, or they just come for the fun and to listen to the music.

The festival is held over 10 days toward the end of January each year in many different venues in and around the city.

Please take the tour of their website TAMWORTH COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL

No matter where you are in the country there will be a festival on near you celebrating food, wine, the weather, dance, music, aboriginal culture and many more.

As part of the Aussie summer season the city of Sydney puts on a major Mardi Gras every year, and thousands of people from all over the world attend.

We cannot leave out our world famous news year's celebration, with our famous fire works display which is broadcast all around the globe.

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