Aussie Beaches

"In Australia you will find people at the beach somewhere every day of the week."

Aussies love to spend time at the beach, it is part of our culture!

Australian Beaches

Australia is a very large island landmass and we are placed in the southern hemisphere below the equator, boarded by three of the world's great Ocean's; The Pacific, The Indian and The Great Southern Ocean.

Much of Australia's population live on the coastline and as such the beach or the beaches are very special and occupies a unique place in the Australian identity. The Australian beaches are world-renowned and as such people come from many countries to enjoy them and take pleasure in meeting and mixing with the locals.

Surfing Beaches

As a point of interest there are over 10,000 beaches here and AUSTRALIANS take full advantage of them. Most city people live close enough to a beach to go there regularly and others travel some distances to enjoy the beach for a days relaxation or for their annual HOLIDAYS.

There is a fantastic moving sea-loving population, the SURFERS and people who enjoy the beach for, among other things, just swimming or parasailing, FISHING - snorkeling,SCUBA DIVING - beach combing and much more.

The Australian coastline is beautiful and attracts Australians and international guests alike and you can spend months SIGHTSEEING and taking the scenic drives where you will find wonderful CARAVAN PARKS all the way along the coastline. You can cruise above them in AEROPLANES and HELICOPTERS or take a leisurely COACH TOUR or an exciting FOUR WHEEL DRIVE TOUR.

Coastal sight-seeing is a very popular pursuit and you walk for miles along some of our HIKING TRAILS that follow some of our beaches and coast-lines.

Australian Beaches

Veiw from Point Plomer south along North Shore to Port Macquarie New South Wales - Photo Gary Roberts

Australian beaches all over the country attract people from everywhere for special occasion, like the crowds that gather for New Year's Eve parties and celebrations. It is amazing that most Christmas Days attract up to 40,000 to Sydney's Bondi Beach every year.

The Australian Beaches are a must to visit


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