Australian Animals

"Australia - One of the largest islands in the world!"

Meet our Unique Wildlife

Australian Animals

Australia has many of the most unique animals in the world, not to mention the birds and reptiles. There are many different species of unique wildlife in Australia and it is there for you to see in the wild as well as in our famous Zoos.

Australia Eastern Grey Kangaroo


Marsupials are the most common and prolific group in Australia. Many of them you know like the kangaroo and koala, but there are others like the wallaby, wombat, bandicoot, kultarr, marsupial mole, dunnart, cuscus, possum, Tasmanian wolf, Tasmanian devil, and many others.

There are also unique egg-laying mammals like the platypus and the echidna. The Reptiles here include a variety of snakes, crocodiles and lizards.

Ocean animals, like the migrating whales and the bottle nose dolphins, are also plentiful.

There are zoos all over Australia and guided tour operators ready to take you right to heart of the action.

When in Australia you do need to be sure to include a day to visit some of our animals, they are mostly friendly and I know they are looking forward to meeting you.

Australian Wombat

Australian Wombat

We have world renowned Steve Irwins Australia Zoo animal conservatory but we also pride ourselves with the Great Western Plains Zoo where quite a good deal of animal rescue work first started.

These are just two of the great Australian Zoos spread across this land.

Many of the animal photos on the following pages are courtesy of Glenn Budd (Digital Light Photography), Gerry Pearce (Australian Wildlife and Sandra Forster.


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